11 thoughts on “Dark Edge Project Review – Is D.R. Barton, Jr. Service Legit?”

  1. what if you have never study the stock market or have had little interest in it. Can I still learn enough in this forum to be successful?

    1. It would be an expensive learning lesson. I bought into the program a few weeks ago, and so far I have many losses and a couple of wins. Learn somewhere else first.

      1. Denise J:
        Thanks for your comment. I just saw the ad online and has been trying to find some reviews before purchase but nothing except here. I understand the platform is still pretty new.
        Can you please share your thoughts/experience with us more? Does it seem to have gain as promised (%100 every 9 days). Are you happy with your purchase? Any recommendations?

        Thank you.

      2. Denise it would be great if you could provide more details. You do appear to be the only user review out there. Please share your progress through the early weeks and month by month. I think it’s really important to do so. I absolutely hope the best for you and can’t wait to hear back.

  2. Yes Denise, I to would be interested in hearing more about your experience since you know the only thing D.R. Barton is going to publish will be positive. I have searched long for reviews from other sources that aren’t bias but there seem to be none out there. I’d be interested to know if you were following his instructions to the letter for each of your trades since you seem to be learning from what I can gather (You should always learn the basics paper trading first). The way he presents his service, other than the mechanics of placing trades (which I know already) you would only need to follow his recommendations. Watching the sales pitch I did find it interesting that the 1,359% guarantee is subtility directed toward his gains, however, to be fair if you’re following his recommendations to the T then those gains should also be yours but then at the bottom of the sales page you get: “Billing Terms and Refund Policy: …………… This is a non-refundable offer” so which is it? will you get your refund in a year if he hasn’t provided 1359% gains or not ? After all your betting 2,000.00 that you will. If not for that ambiguity it would actually be like depositing 2,000.00 in a non-interest savings account which I could go for but, which is it ? will you get the refund or not?

    Again, I would be interested in knowing if you have followed his recommendations to the T and since there is already existing ambiguity I must point out that if indeed his guarantee is good and if indeed it is directed at his gains which it appears to be, then you will need to follow each and every one of his trade recommendations in order to cash in on the guarantee, if indeed there really is a guarantee.

    I’m going to do some searching to see if there isn’t a way to contact him in advance of buying in to get those questions answered. Prudent 🙂

  3. colleen cole-leda,

    Please see my previous post for answers to your question, that is if they end up posting it, if not then maybe they will post this one. From the sales video it would appear that you could gain enough knowledge to be successful, provided D.R. Barton is being factual about his training material (I haven’t seen it yet), however, being new to the market it is IMPERATIVE that you setup a paper money trading account and follow each of his instructions using paper money. Paper money is like monopoly money but everything is executed and recorded as if it were real money. This would give you the experience you need to become comfortable with the mechanics of trading before you actually risk any real money. TD Ameritrade has an excellent platform that includes paper money called Thinkorswim. In my opinion it is the best platform out there. To be sure it is complicated but you can find your niche in trading options and get proficient at it there before risking real money. I guess it all depends on how much it means to you and how much effort you are willing to put into it to see the rewards.

  4. It would be good if you post your feedback as you go through and will help a lot fellow ones who wants to join.

  5. I managed to find, at least, a site that allows form submission questions.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page you will see an email link for a form submission. I submitted the following:

    (My inquiry is on the Dark Edge Project, specifically the guarantee promoted in the sales page. QUOTE: “If my track record hasn’t built up to 1,359% total gains (including losses).
    Your membership dues will be returned to you. It’s that simple.”

    This guarantee seems to be directed to D.R. Barton, Jr. and his service as a whole vs. to the subscriber’s results, is that correct ?

    Also, at the bottom of the sign up form you see this: ““Billing Terms and Refund Policy: …………… This is a non-refundable offer””

    So, which is it ? is the refund guarantee a good guarantee or not ?

    Thank You)

    I’ll post back if I get a reply

  6. Okay everyone, don’t waste your time, you know the old saying if it sounds to good to be true then……
    Go here https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2020/04/microblog-d-r-barton-dark-edge-dark-pool-trades-new-service-2020/
    For some unbiased useful information on the dark edge project, one key point made in this thread is that there are scanners out there you can pay monthly fees for that do the same thing
    check this out: http://flowalgo.com/ check out the right side column header …… Basically D.R. Barton, Jr. wants you to believe he has something you can’t access unless you pay him 2 grand a year. That is simply wrong and actually boarding on fraud

  7. The sales pitch sounded great. It played right into the idea that the Wall Street Elite gain special access. For $2k, why not? There is allegedly a guarantee if you don’t hit a 1300+% return target. Well in over 6 weeks, this guy has picked about 75% losers, big losers, many times losing 50% or more within 1 or 2 days of his recommendation. He actually sends out exit trades for $.05-$.10 on trades he recommended for $1.50+ just days earlier. No, not worth it. I’m sure there will be some BS qualifying the guarantee so you don’t get your subscription back. $2k subscription, down ~$10+ in 6 weeks. Do yourself favor, pass this one up!!!

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