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The TradeSmith Deadly Decade Live Event

Keith Kaplan, president of TradeSmith is hosting an event on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern — the TradeSmith Deadly Decade event.

At this live online event, you’ll meet “Trader X,” the mastermind TradeSmith has been working with in secret for the past two years.

You’ll also find out about the “investing super project” TradeSmith has been working on since January 2018…

As we lift the curtain on this huge new project and the identity of “Trader X” at the same time.

Again, this is going to be a critical 90 minutes. Below, you’ll get a taste of what’s in store.


Generate Consistent Income Trading Options

Bullseye Trades

What would you buy if you can easily earn an extra $200 per week? $500? Maybe even $1,000?

Learn How ONE TRADE EACH WEEK can generate your consistent income.

On Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern, you will learn about:

  • The must-own asset with a high probability of rising 10X to 30X in the next two years. This is like investing in a $1 stock with a very strong likelihood of going to $10, $20, or even $30 — except better.
  • The must-AVOID asset that will CRUSH the portfolios of tens of millions of investors between now and 2024. This asset is wildly popular. It is heavily recommended by mainstream financial advisors all across America. Tens of millions of retirees have exposure to it. This asset has the potential to destroy portfolios — and yet most investors are unprepared for this danger.
  • The single investment sector that represents a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity — and the best place to look for stock investments with the potential to deliver multi-thousand percent returns over the next 10 to 20 years.
  • The single investment sector facing a multi-trillion-dollar threat of disruption and destruction — an investment “graveyard” where depressed companies could see their valuations fall 80 percent, and then fall 80 percent more.
  • The incredible technology breakthrough — already confirmed in scientific journals — that experts agree could disrupt and up-end the entire global financial system. This single technology alone (it is NOT artificial intelligence) — will radically transform the world as we know it.
  • The demographics-led crisis that is guaranteed to unfold in the 2020s — and in fact has already started — with dire financial consequences for tens of millions of Americans, and fallout implications that will impact investors across the globe.
  • How central banks are preparing their next stimulus “trojan horse”: Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs for short — and the reason why CBDCs will radically transform the global financial landscape (and possibly feed runaway inflation).
  • Why a toxic cocktail of scenarios will bring about the return of high inflation — and not just 1970s-style inflation, but something even more intense (and potentially far worse).
    Does that sound like a lot? It’s only the tip of the iceberg. I need you to spend this 90 minutes with me.

From a financial health standpoint, it could be the most important (and profitable) time investment of the year.

The TradeSmith Deadly Decade Event – Click Here To Watch It LIVE – On Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern

Trump Just Gave Us a Big-Money Buying Discount

By Jason Bodner, editor, Palm Beach Trader

It’s not often I see a profitable setup in the markets like the one I’m seeing today. Let me explain…

On Tuesday, President Trump appeared to pour cold water on any pending resolution to the U.S.-China trade war.

During a NATO press conference in London, the president said: “A China trade deal is dependent on one thing: Do I want to make it?”

Then, he added: “I have no deadline… In some ways, I think it’s better to wait until after the election, if you want to know the truth. But I’m not going to say that, I just think that.”

Now, with Trump, you can’t tell whether he’s blowing smoke or stating official U.S. foreign policy. And for our purposes, it doesn’t really matter.

But his words do matter to the markets.

Soon after his comments, the S&P 500 dropped 1.3%… the Dow 1.5%… and the Nasdaq 1.48%. His words also hit one sector in particular – which dropped nearly 2%.

Here’s the thing… My stock-picking system recently picked up big-money buying in this same sector. And the last three times this happened, we saw average returns of 26% in about 12 months.

Today, I’ll tell you which sector it is – and why you should buy this dip…


Generate Consistent Income Trading Options

Bullseye Trades

What would you buy if you can easily earn an extra $200 per week? $500? Maybe even $1,000?

Learn How ONE TRADE EACH WEEK can generate your consistent income.

The “Agnostic” Stock Picker

I spent nearly two decades as a Wall Street trader at firms such as Cantor Fitzgerald. In fact, I was one of only a handful of people in the world who could trade $1 billion or more for big financial institutions.

Now, I couldn’t track the big money alone. So I coded computer programs to help. And when I left Wall Street, I decided to build my own stock-picking system. It cost me over $250,000 and years of my life… But it’s proven to work over and over again.

Here’s what it does…

It scans 5,500 stocks every day, using algorithms to rank each one for strength. It also looks for the signs of big-money investors. And when it sees them moving in or out of a stock, it raises a yellow flag.

Then, I put these yellow flags through another filter. If the flag turns red, it means the big money is selling. If it turns green, it means the big money is buying…

It’s that simple: When I see green, the big money is buying.

The beauty of my system is, it’s completely agnostic. It doesn’t panic. It ignores tweets, headlines, and noise. It doesn’t sell on fear or buy on fantasy.

It just follows the money…


Why Christmas could be fantastic this year


It could be a very, merry Christmas for you and your loved ones this year…

Here’s why…

On Wednesday, December 11th, this Market Wizard and retired billion-dollar hedge fund manager will show you the secret he used to generate over $270 million in profit over an 8-year period…

You can use the same secret to generate over $200,000 this year (or more), according to this individual.

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Riding the Green Wave

Now, the chart below shows the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF). It holds 67 of the top financials companies.

The green bars show when big buying has started. When the big money comes to play, it means big gains ahead.

The green bars appear when there’s more than twice the normal average of buying in a stock. As you can see, my system triggered on November 8. So the big buyers are back to play.

And the last three times XLF triggered my system, it marched higher. The average return a year later was an astonishing 26%.



XLF One-Year Return


















Here’s how to prepare for the biggest stock market event of the decade.

Including the name and ticker of the best-performing stock of 2020.

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And as I mentioned, President Trump just handed us a gift.

You see, financial stocks suffered a broad sell-off on Tuesday morning as trade-war fears sent the 10-year Treasury yield toward its biggest decline in over three years. Investors panicked, giving us an even better entry price into XLF. It’s been down as much as 2.8% since December 2.

But my system doesn’t care about any of that. It looks at one thing and one thing only: big institutional buying. And we’re seeing it again.

Financial stocks are headed higher in the coming months. So take advantage of this setup and add some financials to your portfolio today.

If you want broad exposure to the sector, consider XLF. It’ll position you for a possible 26%-plus return by this time next year.

Overnight Fortunes Review – Roger Scott Live Event

There’s only one way to create massive profit windfalls in the world of investing:

Recognizing a specific opportunity and applying a strategy to take advantage of it.

George Soros did it when he broke the bank of England and generated a billion dollars in profit…

John Paulson made his firm 10 figures when he recognized the 2008 crisis and played it to perfection…

David Tepper, in an equally genius move, made over $7 BILLION in profit when he bought up banking stocks after the crash…

That’s the power of understanding a moment in time and capitalizing on it.

So, are you ready for your moment?


Generate Consistent Income Trading Options

Bullseye Trades

What would you buy if you can easily earn an extra $200 per week? $500? Maybe even $1,000?

Learn How ONE TRADE EACH WEEK can generate your consistent income.

Roger Scott is preparing an urgent briefing to explain the opportunity we find ourselves in right now.

During this LIVE briefing, you’ll discover:

  • How Roger is Earning 1,000% Plus On “Overnight Fortune” Stocks – You Simply Can’t Do This With The Blue Chips Boring Investors Own.
  • The Wealth Building Secret That Powered Bill Gates, Steve Jobs And Mark Zuckerberg To The Top Of The Global Rich List.
  • A Re-Cap Of My Major Predictions Of 2020 – SPOILER: We’ve Been Scary Accurate – And What’s Coming Next For These Mega Trends.
  • Why 2020 Could Be a Record-Breaking Year for IPOs, With Valuations Topping $100 Billion AND How To Cash In On The Top 10.
  • A 90 Day Window – Opening RIGHT NOW – For Us To Capitalize On Trillions Of Investor Dollars Flooding Into The Most Undervalued Stocks.
  • The #1 “Overnight Fortune” Stock You Need In Your Portfolio Today – It’s In A Red Hot Sector We’ll Be Harvesting Very Soon.
  • Plus A System With A 19 Year Track Record Of Picking Future Fortune 500 Stocks Which Could Have Turned Every $1,000 Into $1.9 Million.

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Pay Less Taxes With My #1 Roth Rollover Tip

By Beau Henderson, Retirement Coach

“I’ve put all my retirement savings into a traditional IRA. But now I’m noticing the benefit of using a Roth IRA instead. Is it worth it to switch?” — Don S.

If you’re a longtime reader, you know that Roth IRAs are one of my favorite savings tools.

Although contributions are taxed, you aren’t subject to tax when you draw from the account later on.

This makes Roth IRAs incredibly helpful in reducing the amount of income tax you’ll pay during your golden years.

But many people like Don have already put their entire savings into a traditional account.

The good news is that there’s a way to rollover traditional IRAs to get all the benefits of a Roth.

You’ll be taxed for doing so. But you’ll be glad you did.

Let me explain.


Opportunistic Trader ReviewRetirement “reset” coming on 12/11/19

On Wednesday, December 11th, 2019, retirement will essentially “reset” for thousands of people, overnight. Make sure you’re there when it happens… and see how it could help you make $200,000 next year.

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The Roth Rollover

If you like the sound of tax-free growth, no required minimum distributions, and lowering your income tax in retirement, it’s worth considering a Roth IRA.

These accounts provide each of these benefits — and more.

But a lot of retirees have already stashed decades of savings into traditional IRAs that don’t offer these perks.

The good news is that it’s possible to convert a traditional IRA into a Roth.

And you can probably even set up your new rollover account with the same financial institution (but you don’t have to).

There are some key things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Since your contributions to the traditional IRA were not taxed, you’ll need to pay taxes on the conversion.

But don’t count on your conversion to cover the costs.

Most Roth accounts follow a “5-year rule” and will penalize you for taking money out unless it’s been over 5 years since your contribution.

So you need to make sure you have enough cash on hand to pay it when tax season rolls around.

Don’t let the sound of taxes turn you away from the idea altogether, though.

Remember… the IRS is going to tax this money sooner or later. It’s just a matter of when.

The IRA sets the rules on how much you’re required to take each year after a certain age.

But when you convert your savings into a Roth, you get to decide when they get to take their share of your savings.

And it pays to get strategic with your decision.

Withdraw From Savings on Your Own Terms

Timing is everything when it comes to rolling over a traditional IRA into a Roth.

If you’re not careful converting, you may end up bumping yourself into a higher tax bracket for the year.

One way to get time on your side is to convert the account gradually — you don’t have to rollover all at once.

By converting in chunks at a time, you control how much of your savings is subject to tax and when.

This can help you cushion the tax burden of the rollover.

You can convert an amount that won’t bump you into a higher income tax bracket for the year. Then you can repeat this year-to-year until your account is fully converted.

Since the IRS has collected their taxes from the account, they’re no longer concerned about how much or when you withdraw.

You’re free to draw from your savings however you choose.

And since these withdrawals aren’t counted as income, less of your Social Security will be subject to tax as well.

You may even be able to rollover a 401(k) or other similar employer-sponsored retirement funds using this same strategy!




Here’s how to prepare for the biggest stock market event of the decade.

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A conversion may not be in everyone’s best interest.

For anyone who can’t afford the tax bill or needs the money within the next 5 years, it may be more hassle than help.

But I strongly believe in the power of a Roth account.

They are the most helpful tool for lowering income taxes in retirement. And they provide you complete control of your savings.

Microcap Millionare Summit – Alex Green’s LIVE Microcap Event

Read Full Oxford Microcap Trader Review Here or scroll down and click the link to watch Microcap Millionaire Summit Replay.

Editor’s Note: When we see a good opportunity — we want to pass it on to you. This is no exception. You may recognize his name. Alex Green is a long-time friend of ours — but more importantly — a successful investment strategist with a remarkable track record. I encourage you to take a look at the letter from his Executive Publisher below…

Julia Guth here.

I’m the Oxford Club’s CEO and Executive Publisher.

Never before in my 30 years at the helm have I ever allowed an editor to make official recommendations on Microcaps to our full readership.

They’ve always been too small… and with more than 500,000 readers, we could artificially move the price.

The only time editors could talk about their favorite microcaps was at our private wealth seminars with very small groups of members — often just 50 or 100.

But here’s the thing that was so frustrating…


How to Capitalize on Crashing Stocks

Learn how to TRADE OPTIONS the right way!

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FREE Options Trading Course: Become an Option Pro in 30 Days.

These microcap picks at our small meetings would often turn into the biggest winners we ever had.

For example, Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green identified two of the biggest microcap winners of the last few years.

He talked about Applied Optoelectronics in Stowe, Vermont, in front of just 83 people when it was $11 a share.

And it was $100 a share a year later. A 10X win!

At a small event in Las Vegas, Nevada, he discussed Tandem Diabetes when it was $3.86.

And it was $73 one year later.

One reader who bought Tandem thanks to Alex, said he made 1,700% gains.

Life is good!” the gentleman wrote.

1,700% is an incredible one-year gain!

But Alex was frustrated… and I was too… that these picks didn’t go out to all our full readership.

That changes today.

I’m happy to say, we’ve finally found a way to make it work.

We’re getting ready to give every member a chance to learn Alex’s microcap system.

So, we’re holding the first-ever Microcap Millionaire Summit coming up on December 3 at 1 pm ET!

It will be broadcast online. And attendance — although it will be limited — is 100% free.




Here’s how to prepare for the biggest stock market event of the decade.

Including the name and ticker of the best-performing stock of 2020.

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Here’s what’s coming up at the Microcap Millionaire Summit

  • Alex is going to blow the lid off of the media and Wall Street’s BIG LIE when it comes to microcap stocks.
  • A complete reveal of Alex’s system… top to bottom.
  • You’ll see undisputed proof that it’s possible to turn $10,000 into more than $1 million with just TWO microcap stocks. (Not hypothetical stocks either)
  • Alex will explain the big difference between microcaps and penny stocks… and why he DOES NOT recommend penny stocks.
  • And Alex will discuss the top three microcaps to give you the shot at 10X your money right now.
  • And much, much more.

We look forward to seeing you online for the Microcap Millionaire Summit on Tuesday, December 3 at 1 pm ET.


Blueprint for Options Success



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