7 thoughts on “Alpha Trade Alerts Review: Adam Sarhan Alpha Line System Revealed”

  1. I am 78 and need to join Adam alpha trades i can pay 100 a month to join as soon as i make more i will pay you more!

    1. Good morning George!

      I read your post that you left on September 21, 2020 and was wondering if you ever got to try the Alpha trades?
      I’m very skeptical and need to know if it works, I don’t think it will make me rich over night but I would be happy with small gains more often then I pick now.
      I wish Adam could send me one trade that I could make enough to buy in and also see how it works, it might not seem like a lot of money to some but it is to me and if it works it would be worth it.
      Thanks for your feed back.

      1. I did find a way to become a happy member and am excited about the positive things i can do for my family ! Thanks for careing ! George

        1. Hi George
          I got your reply but was a little confused yet, did the Alpha trades work and is it worth the money for membership?
          how long did it take for you to make back the membership cost?

          Thanks Jim

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