12 thoughts on “The 1450 Club Review – Is Andrew Keene’s Service Legit?”

  1. Guaranteed by what parameters. Do I have to invest in all 3 recommendations every day and how much plus how can he give me 3 trades per day everyday? These are supposed to be special insider trades that seems like a lot of trades being done illegally. Is there shorter membership I can get in on this to try it it seems to much red flags. The only reason I’m considering it is because Neil Patel is recommending it.

  2. I bought this service, turns out he trades a paper account. He does not put any of his money at risk. This is a scam, stay far away!

    1. I believe there are SEC rules that apply to being paid for stock recommendations like those for Club 1450. This is to prevent the person being paid for the recommendation front entering the position prior to giving the recommendations. Andrew does share his success rate on the site which averages about 70%.

  3. Need more pros and cons testimonials in order to make decision to join or not.
    For Erica to just post ‘the scan is a scam’
    does not convince anyone that it is a scam. Where is her research and proof????

  4. Any one who has made money from live trading with Andrew’s 1450 Club. Is it legit?
    Want to join but I need testimonial from someone who has traded live and has had some success.

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