5 thoughts on “Andrew Keene’s Project 303 Review – Is it Legit?”

  1. I m curious if it is easy to obtain his Monday AM recommendations via email or something besides live videos. I work Monday thru Friday and there is no way I can watch his live videos from work.

  2. Just approved for options trading on Fidelity. Have listened to mon-wed-thir live presentations. I am learning quite a lot.
    One comment: the room you use to present is so hollow that some of the content is lost. could you think about adding room deadening materials to stop the echo??
    I bet several users would benefit.

  3. Sounds to good to be true! I’ve tried a dozen of these types of programs, and lost my money every time. Can any one who has been on this program truthfully tell me if this really works, or is this another scam?

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