15 thoughts on “Weekly Blitz Alert Review – How’s Lance Ippolito Program?”

    1. I have the same question and big red flag that there are no independent reviews or anything if you do a search on this. Read the disclaimer, this guy is just trying to make money from hard working people who will end up losing a few thousand dollars, it’s clear they say it’s no guarantee at all and I believe that. Don’t invest unless you’re willing to lose all you put in.

  1. Hi, my name is Mel , I watched the video however it went all fuzzy on me.
    I need to know if Aussie are able to make money from this pgm , as don’t have much money nor time.
    I’m not sure entirely how it works but am interested in generating an income so I can pay off my mortgage quicker & retire. Is this company not a scam? Is there a warranty? Do offer trials please? Is there Australians who I can talk with inorder to confirm its validity, please. thanks in advance, Mel

  2. Has anyone seen a review of the Blitz Alert system? How can you make this work from Australia? Do you have to open an account in the US or can it be done in Aus with a broker? Can you place an order by email?
    The intro video is so long-winded and self- promoting that it looks like a scam….any information anybody

  3. …and if the system is SOOO!!!! profitable …why does he need your petty cash $1k ..suggest you will purchase it from the winnings … not from the promises !!! good luck with that …

  4. After watching the video I would have expected better “toys”,bigger house,and better quality video. Only 199 working slobs, what per day. Working slobs CAN’T come up with 2K. Anyhow, I couldn’t find any reviews from anyone using the service. Just another scheme.Be careful fools.

  5. The intro was too long too much telling stuff that doesn’t matter and not getting down to the nitty-gritty also not showing any statistics on success just telling about it doesn’t work for me. What percentage of your alerts are winners ?
    Almost impossible to find how you sign up for the program if you even want to. In fact not almost impossible it wasn’t possible to find out how to sign up. Have spent too much time already with his promotional stuff I am now tired of this. The guarantee is very very weak if it even exist at all

  6. Ever since Trump “the con artist” was elected it seems like an even larger number of ‘GREEDY’ people have emerged.
    $1,997 Annually or $2,497 for a Lifetime Weekly Blitz Alerts membership…and there is NO guarantee to get your money back??? That’s right, Lance says, “NO REFUNDS ALLOWED”.
    That setup tells me two things about Lance Ippolito’s Weekly Blitz Alerts… #1 It’s all about GREED! Or
    #2 – He’s probably still living with his mommy and is hoping that he will get enough ‘suckers’ to join so that he can finally move out.
    Folks, don’t pay for options trading information that you can easily get for FREE on Google! Lance says that he really wants to help people that are struggling financially but what he’s probably really after is your recent tax refund or pandemic stimulus check. If he truly cared about you and your family doing well financially through these tough times then he would offer an affordable monthly payment. Like most greedy people who sell stock market trade alerts, the intention is to take as much money as possible from you upfront without a refund guarantee because they know that most ‘financially challenged’ people don’t have the will or the resources to get their hard-earned money back. If Lance is truly making millions of dollars with his system but he’s not willing to refund your hard-earned rent money when you discover that most brokerages require a $2,000-$5,000 minimum to open an options trading account or you lose all of your trading money in month #2 because you discover that his alert win rate is NOT 100%… then I refer you back to reason #1…It’s all about GREED!

  7. Broker statements or it didn’t happen.

    Also, it seems the key system components are institutional order flow where volume > open interest in stock options on multiple stock market and futures exchanges.

    (COT report?)

    I’m thinking about “how” to use “a web site extraction” technology…..

    ….with Google alerts, etc.

    Spend the $1k to $2k saved on alerts for the trades instead.

    Thank you for the review.

  8. I thought the Weekly Blitz Alert was designed for just 199 people, no more than that for fear of it being detected and subsequently shut down.
    How then is a lifetime promotion being offered for $2,499 without any refund guarantees?
    Surprising the ‘199’ subscribers haven’t joined yet. Thought it would be gobbled up so fast for being that helpful. Good luck to you if you’re paying for this.

  9. honestly, never click on youtube ads at 2am… i almost bought this, out of tiredness and stupidity. i don’t think this is legit at all. there might be a few winners in the picks, but likely most are not.

    if this was legit he would have a better refund policy. in his ad, he gives you all these guarantees, but on the purchasing page it clearly states no refunds. SUSPECT.

    a 10-day no questions asks refund policy would make more sense if there was real value.

  10. Unless there is a trial period or real refund policy, I’ve learned to stay away. I’ve been burned too many times with “performance guarantees”.

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