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On August 22nd, Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown Is Holding an Urgent Event Called: The Final Phase of the 5G Boom

In this one-time-only event, Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown (Read Exponential Tech Investor Review Here) will give you a behind-the-scenes look at this revolutionary technology and show you:

  1. Why dozens—possibly hundreds—of tiny 5G-related stocks could take off in the coming weeks
  2. His “script” for finding the best ones
  3. And the #1 company on his watchlist—FREE


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Why Now?

Already, small 5G-related companies have given everyday folks the chance at gains as high as 524%, 600%, 1,071%, and more.

But on October 1st, a major 5G event is going to take place… and Jeff believes it’s going to kick the 5G boom into high gear.

A $12.3 trillion windfall is set to hit the market… dozens of small companies could soar… and early investors will have the chance to make some of the biggest gains of their life.

If you make the right moves, you have a realistic shot at watching a series of small investments return 500%, 1,000%, even a rare and exceptional 2,000% or more.

But only if you act quickly…

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Register

  • Jeff’s unique “script” for spotting small 5G plays.Jeff picked the #1 stock in the S&P 500 in 2016 and again in 2018. Anybody who followed his advice could have made as much as 1,011% over the long term.What’s more, as an angel investor, his personal investments have soared as high as 263%, 807%, 1,194%, and even an estimated 25,000%.He’s one of the best tech investors alive today. He’s been investing in each wireless generation going back to the 2G era. Now, in this special event, he’s sharing his 3-part 5G investment “script”—you’ll get all the details just for attending.
  • The #1 5G company on his watchlist.Jeff estimates that not 1 in 100 people have heard of this 5G company… let alone invested in it. During the event, you’ll get its name—completely free.
  • A sneak peek at Jeff’s top pick to buy now.This company is tiny—worth around $200 million. Yet it makes a key component that every 5G phone is going to need… and it’s locked down the key patents. You’ll get more details during the event.
  • Unrestricted access to Jeff’s 5G training site.Jeff’s prepared an in-depth training site that will tell you everything about this new technology.What is it? How will it change your life in the immediate future? Why are so many powerful people and organizations pushing it forward? Is it safe?You’ll get the 5G story you’re not getting anywhere else—straight from an insider.
  • And much, much more!

Note: Jeff’s never shared this information in any of his previous 5G events and presentations. The only way you can access this material is through this special event.


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This is Your Last Chance to Get In Early on the 5G Revolution

Jeff’s a 27-year Silicon Valley veteran. He’s been involved in wireless technology going back to the 2G era—including as an executive at Qualcomm, one of the leading wireless technology companies in the world.

He’s been profiting from wireless technology companies going back to the ‘90s.

Now, for the first time on Thursday, August 22 at 8 pm ET, he’s going to tell you everything you need to know about this groundbreaking technology… and even show you his strategy for spotting the best 5G companies before they soar.

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John Doody’s 2019 Gold Rush Event

Gold and gold ETFs are now trading at 6-year highs.

So is this the best way to cash in on this gold bull market?

“Absolutely not,” says John Doody, the gold expert whose audited track record includes gains of 530% since 2000… beating the return of gold, the returns of major gold funds, and more than tripling the S&P 500.



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“I’ve made more than $20 million using a specific type of gold investment—no matter what the price of gold is doing. And on August 21st at 8PM, I’ll show you exactly how I’ve done this.”

Mr. Doody’s work is read by gold mining executives and more than 40 professional money managers — including hedge funds, mutual funds, private asset managers, and brokers all around the world.

And, for the first time ever, he’s sharing with the public the exact secret behind his process — a way that he believes could potentially make you millions, as this gold bull market plays out.

I’ll be tuning in… and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

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Adam Baratta and Advantage Gold The Great Devaluation Event – Register Here

He wrote a best-selling financial book. In its pages, he made a jaw-dropping prediction that came true a year later. Those who listened positioned themselves to take advantage of gold’s stellar rally… while… protecting and growing their retirement accounts.

Now, he’s here to tell you that another shocking development will rock the markets.

As a result, one of two things will happen for you…

Either you will know what’s coming down the pike and make sure your retirement is both protected and positioned for growth…

Or you will pay a heavy price just like millions of unsuspecting Americans. Now, USA Today bestselling author Adam Baratta is revealing his biggest prediction yet.

Adam’s shocking prediction will be unveiled during an exclusive event in Brentwood, California, that is currently sold out.


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If you have retirement funds invested in paper assets, brace yourself…

Adam will explain how right now, we’re in the middle of the biggest debt bubble the world has ever witnessed.

Just look at the undeniable facts:

  • Corporate debt — $900 billion. 
  • Student debt — $1.6 trillion.
  • National debt — over $22 trillion.
  • Total unfunded liabilities — $128 trillion.

To add insult to injury, in the next 12 months, a historic event will crush paper assets.

And, since 99% of investors have their retirement accounts tied to stocks, bonds, treasuries, etc., millions of Americans are about to lose trillions of dollars.

That’s why it’s critical you watch the video stream of his event titled: The Great Devaluation.

During this event, Adam will reveal the forces that are about to create a mad-panic on Wall Street like we’ve never seen before.

And how President Trump, with the swipe of his pen, could double the price of gold in 2020.

Anyone invested in a 401(k) or IRA could either be a “sitting duck”… or… by following the simple suggestions in his upcoming Free Webinar… could take advantage of the biggest move in gold we’ve ever seen.


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At any moment the Fed could initiate a devastating blow to America’s retirement accounts.

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How the Rich Protect Their Money From Trump’s Trade War

By Teeka Tiwari, editor, Palm Beach Daily

I’ve been in the investing game for three decades now. And I’ve spent most of it on Wall Street.

Over that time, I’ve seen my share of market cycles: the late-1990s dot-com crash… the 2008 Great Recession… and the Crypto Winter of 2018.

So this isn’t my first rodeo.

And that’s why President Trump’s decision to ramp up heat on China over trade doesn’t bother me.

Let me explain…

Last week, President Trump threatened to impose 10% tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports in retaliation for what he called “unfair trade practices.”

And on Monday, his administration labeled China a “currency manipulator.” The Dow fell over 750 points on the news—its worst day of the year.

Now, I’m on record as saying President Trump is absolutely correct to say, “No more!” He’s simply trying to even the playing field.

But as I wrote last week: None of this matters. I still believe a trade deal will be worked out at some point. And stocks will continue their long-term uptrend.

However, in January, I also told you the trade war could result in a temporary economic slowdown this year. That’s why I was looking for hedged and alternative assets that provide income to defend against volatility in the stock market.

And today, I’ll tell you three alternative assets you can flock to while the trade war plays out…


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I’ve always said everyone needs to add some crypto exposure to their portfolios.

You see, cryptos are uncorrelated to the markets. In other words, their movements aren’t tied to the stock market or overall business cycle.

Correlated assets move together in price direction. Large-cap companies usually move in the same direction as the S&P 500, for instance.

And assets with inverse correlations move in opposite price directions. For example, when the U.S. dollar goes down, gold prices usually go up.

But uncorrelated assets are unaffected by the forces affecting correlated and inversely correlated assets.

Wall Street is starting to realize that the price of bitcoin is unrelated to the prices of gold, stocks, bonds, or commodities.

The S&P 500… Brent Crude Index… and Consumer Price Index all don’t affect bitcoin.

A study last year by Bitwise Asset Management concluded that allocating just 1–10% of your portfolio to bitcoin gives better risk-adjusted returns than just holding only stocks and bonds.

This is Wall Street’s “Holy Grail”—an uncorrelated asset performing well under diverse market conditions… and maintaining its ability to rise at the same time.

And we’re seeing that today…

While the S&P 500 is down 4.5% so far this month with more volatility ahead… bitcoin is up 17.1% and closing in on $12,000. In fact, bitcoin is up 215.1% in 2019, making it the best-performing asset class of the year.


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Like cryptos, collectibles are uncorrelated assets. They’re also hard assets that maintain their value. And that’s why millionaires and celebrities have been enjoying and profiting from them for years.

Look at vintage cars…

From 2007 to 2017, the classic car component of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index returned 334%. The S&P 500 gained just 82% during that time.

Even last year—when almost all asset classes lost money—the HAGI Top Index for rare classic cars was up 2.5%.

Classic cars have risen in value for the last 30 years. And during the 2008 financial crisis, the smart money flowed into this safe-haven asset.

With all the volatility in the stock market, it’s important to diversify your assets. And investing in these collectibles—like cars, art, and even baseball cards—is a great way to do so. It’s how some of the richest people on the planet have grown their wealth…


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Private Placements

According to McKinsey & Company, private markets have over $5 trillion in assets under management. And for years, Wall Street and venture capitalists (VCs) have walled off this ocean of capital from ordinary investors.

And it’s no wonder why…

As you can see in the chart below, the average VC fund has crushed the returns of public markets over the long term using this strategy…

For decades, 99% of Americans have been locked out of this exclusive market. You needed a net worth of at least $1 million or had to be connected to insiders.

But thanks to some recent regulatory changes, you can now invest in private companies before they become public.

They’re called Regulation A+ offerings. And they’re open to the general public—not just accredited investors. In some cases, you can buy into these private deals with minimums of $500 or $1,000.

These sweetheart deals being available to the general public now is a real game changer.

Main Street can finally take advantage of the deals Wall Street fat cats and West Coast VCs have used for decades to generate incredible wealth outside the stock market.

Diversification Is Your Shield

Look, we’re in the longest bull market in U.S. history.

Since the market bottom on March 9, 2009, the S&P 500 has climbed 422% (total return) without a bear market (a decline of 20% or more).

It’s obviously an extended run, but we still see more upside ahead. Just remember, it hasn’t been a straight line up. Along the way, we’ve seen a lot of volatility. The ongoing trade war is the latest example.

Volatility is the new normal. You just have to get used to it.

However, adding cryptos, collectibles, and private placements to your portfolios will generate long-term outperformance—and shield them… even during tough times.

Bottom line: If you follow our asset allocation model, you’ll be prepared for wherever the market goes next.