2 thoughts on “Microcurrency Trader Review – Is Tom Gentile’s Service Legit?”

  1. Tom,
    I was trying to purchase the micro system and in the concersation I learned that I couldn’t use the
    trading platform in New York. Is that true?
    They said you can’t do the crypto in ny. I said I have been doing coinbase for years the guy said well
    do it on coin base then. I asked about robinhood,actually I didn’t get much help.
    I said well how about I get the system and if I can’t do it on your site( which was attracting me in the
    first place) and then try the other sites if it doesn’t work. All with in a day or so,I then said could I get my
    money back and He said no. May be someone can Help me out here?
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. New York has some of the toughest regulations in finance and crypto is highly regulated in the U.S. which leaves some exchanges unable to operate their business in the U.S. You can trade crypto on a regulated exchange in the U.S. It could be that they are not insured in the US or don’t allow US customers. Is this the exchange that was recommended in the subscription that is used by Tom in the US? Could you elaborate which exchange said crypto isn’t allowed in the US? I hope this helps you with your subscription.

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