One thought on “Microcurrency Trader Review – Is Tom Gentile’s Service Legit?”

  1. Tom,
    I was trying to purchase the micro system and in the concersation I learned that I couldn’t use the
    trading platform in New York. Is that true?
    They said you can’t do the crypto in ny. I said I have been doing coinbase for years the guy said well
    do it on coin base then. I asked about robinhood,actually I didn’t get much help.
    I said well how about I get the system and if I can’t do it on your site( which was attracting me in the
    first place) and then try the other sites if it doesn’t work. All with in a day or so,I then said could I get my
    money back and He said no. May be someone can Help me out here?
    Thank you so much for your time.

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