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Oxford Swing Trader Review – Is Nicholas Vardy’s Service Legit?

Are you looking for Oxford Swing Trader Review? You have landed on the right page. In this review of Nicholas Vardy’s Oxford Swing Trader, I will discuss how it works and its pros and cons.

What is Oxford Swing Trader?

Oxford Swing Trader applies a proprietary quantitative strategy to identify short-term trading opportunities on the stock market. Nicholas Vardy’s highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use algorithm-based system zeroes in on the stocks with the greatest potential to move over the coming two to 10 trading days – whether the markets are moving up, down or sideways. His purely quantitative-based Oxford Swing Trader provides subscribers with one of the most robust and impressive short-term trading systems ever developed.

Nicholas Vardy, The Oxford Club’s Quantitative Strategist worked for nearly a year to perfect his quantitative investing system. He worked with the world’s leading quantitative analysis software and consulted top experts in the field. The result: Oxford Swing Trader.


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Who is Nicholas Vardy?

Nicholas Vardy is an editor of Oxford Wealth Accelerator and Oxford Swing Trader. He is an accomplished investment advisor and widely recognized expert on quantitative investing, global investing and exchange-traded funds. Nicholas Vardy has been a regular commentator on CNN International and Fox Business Network.

He has also been cited in The Wall Street JournalFinancial TimesNewsweek, Fox Business News, CBS, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money Central. Nicholas holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He is also an associate of the Adam Smith Institute in London and the Chatham House think tank.

In addition to leading Oxford Wealth Accelerator and Oxford Swing Trader, Nicholas teams up with Alexander Green to contribute to Liberty Through Wealth and The Oxford Communiqué.


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As a special, one-time-only offer for Swing Trader Summit attendees, Oxford Club team is giving you an extra year of Oxford Swing Trader free when you subscribe.

Oxford Swing Trader memberships retails for $4,000.

But joining Oxford Swing Trader through Swing Trader Summit offer will cost you just $1,975 – more than half off the retail price of $4,000.

“$100,000 Guarantee”

Nicholas’ promise is to show you the opportunity to make $100,000 over the next 12 months, per his track record.

If he falls short – even if that means a $99,999 gain – then simply give Oxford Club support team a call, and you’ll get a third year of Oxford Swing Trader at no cost to you.

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What Do You Get For Your Money with Oxford Swing Trader?

Here’s everything you’re going to get:

52 BONUS Weeks (for a Total of Two Years) of Oxford Swing Trader

This is ONLY for the folks who get in before midnight (5/20/2020). Nicholas is excited and wants to reward his charter members with an extra year of profitable trade opportunities.

For the next two years, Nicholas will send you at least TWO swing trade recommendations every single week. You’ll know the exact day to buy and you’ll know that you’ll never be in the trade for more than 10 days. Nicholas will tell you how to make both the regular stock trade and the options play if one is available.

24/7 Access to the Oxford Swing Trader Website

You will receive a login and password to the Oxford Swing Trader website. This website holds every past issue, every past trade, every special report and every video that Nicholas sends to you. This is your one-stop shop to ensure you have everything you need to profit.

The Oxford Swing Trader Portfolio

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. Once you join as a charter member, you will get the entire portfolio of open positions.

Swing Trader Master Class

This three-part training video will give you the confidence to execute and act on swing trades. It’s simple, and you can refresh yourself by watching it anytime you want… You’ll be amazed at how fun it is investing this way… when you never have to worry about waiting to see what a stock will do down the road.

Nicholas Vardy’s “Options Quick Start Guide”

This is your road map to truly extraordinary returns. This comprehensive report will give you full instructions on how to complete options trades so you can supercharge your gains. These are specific instructions on how you can hit the ground running using options on swing trades, whether the swing is up or down.

Profit Taking Alerts

Nicholas will send these out to you directly when it’s time to close a play and take any profits. These are the fun emails for him to send out because they signal when we’ve seen winning opportunities and can celebrate.

Monthly Swing Trader Roundup

Each month, Nicholas will host a LIVE meeting where he’ll discuss the past week’s trade recommendations. Subscribers can send in questions and he’ll answer the most popular ones during the meeting, live, on video.


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Oxford Swing Trader Final Thoughts

Nicholas Vardy promises to show you the chance to make $100,000 or more within the next 12 months… starting with the very first swing trade you’ll get as a charter member. These trades can work on both a stock’s UPSWING and DOWNSWING. So no matter what happens with the market, there will always be chances to profit. And by getting in and getting out within 10 days or less, there’s very little long-term risk.