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Microcap Millionare Summit – Alex Green’s LIVE Microcap Event

Join Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green for The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit

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Editor’s Note: When we see a good opportunity — we want to pass it on to you. This is no exception. You may recognize his name. Alex Green is a long-time friend of ours — but more importantly — a successful investment strategist with a remarkable track record. I encourage you to take a look at the letter from his Executive Publisher below…

Julia Guth here.

I’m the Oxford Club’s CEO and Executive Publisher.

Never before in my 30 years at the helm have I ever allowed an editor to make official recommendations on Microcaps to our full readership.

They’ve always been too small… and with more than 500,000 readers, we could artificially move the price.

The only time editors could talk about their favorite microcaps was at our private wealth seminars with very small groups of members — often just 50 or 100.

But here’s the thing that was so frustrating…

These microcap picks at our small meetings would often turn into the biggest winners we ever had.

For example, Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green identified two of the biggest microcap winners of the last few years.

He talked about Applied Optoelectronics in Stowe, Vermont, in front of just 83 people when it was $11 a share.

And it was $100 a share a year later. A 10X win!

At a small event in Las Vegas, Nevada, he discussed Tandem Diabetes when it was $3.86.

And it was $73 one year later.

One reader who bought Tandem thanks to Alex, said he made 1,700% gains.

Life is good!” the gentleman wrote.

1,700% is an incredible one-year gain!

But Alex was frustrated… and I was too… that these picks didn’t go out to all our full readership.

That changes today.

I’m happy to say, we’ve finally found a way to make it work.

We’re getting ready to give every member a chance to learn Alex’s microcap system.

So, we’re holding the first-ever Microcap Millionaire Summit coming up on December 3 at 1 pm ET!

It will be broadcast online. And attendance — although it will be limited — is 100% free.


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Here’s what’s coming up at the Microcap Millionaire Summit

  • Alex is going to blow the lid off of the media and Wall Street’s BIG LIE when it comes to microcap stocks.
  • A complete reveal of Alex’s system… top to bottom.
  • You’ll see undisputed proof that it’s possible to turn $10,000 into more than $1 million with just TWO microcap stocks. (Not hypothetical stocks either)
  • Alex will explain the big difference between microcaps and penny stocks… and why he DOES NOT recommend penny stocks.
  • And Alex will discuss the top three microcaps to give you the shot at 10X your money right now.
  • And much, much more.


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