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Ron Paul’s “Opt Out” of America Presentation – Is It Legit?

Ron Paul is out with a new presentation “Opt Out” of America for Stansberry Innovations Report. Here’s Ron Paul reveals the new way millions are getting rich by “opting out” of our apparent violent and bankrupt future.

Ron Paul is out with a new presentation “Opt Out” of America for Stansberry Innovations Report. Here’s Ron Paul reveals the new way millions are getting rich by “opting out” of our apparent violent and bankrupt future.

Ron Paul’s “Opt Out” of America – What Is All About?

Few believed Dr. Ron Paul when we took the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives years ago and outlined a series of predictions for the years to come…

  • Dr. Paul predicted that Americans would become less free and “more dependent on the government for economic security.”
  • He predicted that, “Agitation for more class warfare will succeed in dividing us domestically.”
  • He predicted the “erosion of civil liberties here at home as our government continues to respond to political fear.”
  • And Dr. Paul also predicted that government would grow to record levels, satisfying both left and right as liberals would look to expand the welfare state and conservatives sought more security spending.

With each of these four predictions, Dr. Paul was exactly right!

And now, Dr. Ron Paul (a former 12-term Congressman, Air Force surgeon, and Presidential candidate), has come forward with details of a new prediction…

About America’s future, and your money.

Get the facts for yourself.

Take at least a few minutes to hear Dr. Paul’s critical analysis, and more importantly, the details on the steps you can take to protect and prepare.

We’ve posted Dr. Paul’s latest piece on our website – you can view it free of charge, right here.

One of the fascinating ideas Dr. Ron Paul will introduce you to is a way to essentially “opt out” of America’s bankrupt and increasingly socialist future. This is a really powerful and potentially lucrative idea. Check it out here…

Don’t have time to watch? No problem…here’s in short Ron Pauls’s steps you can take to protect your wealth…


Former U.S. Congressman – Here’s how rich get richer


Former 12-term Congressman, Air Force surgeon, and Presidential candidate says both political parties are wrong about how the rich REALLY get richer. Take a few minutes to hear him explain what’s going on… what’s coming next… and most importantly, what YOU can do about it, starting right now.

Click here for details.

Dr. Ron Paul’s Three Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Wealth

Here’s what he recommends you do first…


Step #1 is to learn more about Bitcoin.

That’s why Ron Paul and Stansberry Research team put together a very important volume called, the Stansberry Research Bitcoin and Blockchain Quick-Start Guide.

It’s just 25 pages, but it’s a valuable resource for anyone who cares to learn more about bitcoin and the impact it might have on their financial future…

In it you’ll learn:

  • Why the end of Bitcoin mining will NOT be the end of Bitcoin – and why this is so important to the success of this new currency.
  • About the best companies developing new blockchain applications right now.
  • About the most important cryptocurrencies and other forms of digital money… with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of how to buy and hold them.
  • How to avoid the ticking time-bombs in the investment world today. You do NOT want to own these companies… these banks… and these industries.

Back in 1999 the top tech experts at Stansberry Research predicted that internet technology was going to upend our economy, so we published a list of 5 doomed companies: Kodak, JC Penny, Bethlehem Steel, America Online, and AT&T… EVERY SINGLE company on that list lost tons of money for shareholders.

Now today, they’ve published a thorough Doomed Company list for 2021—and it’s all here in this report.

But learning more about Bitcoin is just the beginning. There’s much more you need to know too.


Next Evolution of Cryptos Will Change the World

It will secure nearly ALL of the world’s information… and most people haven’t even heard the name yet. Getting in today could be like buying Bitcoin at $10.

A private tech analyst breaks the full story here


As Ron Paul mentioned in his presentation, what’s happening in America today is simple…

We’re rapidly moving from a paper-based analog world… to a digital society.

This transition from the industrial age to the computer age is inevitable… and the coronavirus has accelerated everything.

What we are experiencing is the “digitization” of America, and the rest of the world too. This trend is going to be the most important factor affecting you and your money over the next few years.

This is why Dr. Ron Paul recommends that you own what he calls America’s “Master Digital Currencies” with part of your portfolio.

Over the next few years, Ron Paul’s analysts believe it’s a great place to invest your money.

What we’re talking about when we say “Master Digital Currencies” are the stock shares of the most dominant, fastest-growing companies that are fostering this digital transition.

These are the companies that millions of other businesses are using to move from an analog world to a digital one. The companies Ron Paul is going to tell you about play a critical role in nearly all of the digital commerce in America today.

In short: If you buy or sell something on the internet, odds are, these companies have a hand in it… and make a big profit.

These companies are, in many ways, the “currencies” of today’s digital commerce system.

In fact, there are four (4) such businesses Ron Paul is strongly recommend you own.

This is his recommended way to have the best chance to make a lot of money from this trend over the next few years.

The first company provides the backbone – the most critical part of the digitization process – for more than one million businesses around the globe.

Some investors have earned gains of more than 400% over the past five years… Of course, we all know there are absolutely no guarantees about how this company or the other companies discussed below will perform in the future. All investments have some degree of risk and have different returns.

The second business is helping the digital transition of more than 230,000 businesses. This includes everything from construction companies and hospitals… to real estate firms and retail.

This company has paid some of its investors remarkable gains of 380% over the past five years… it’s soaring higher over the past year too.

The third business dominates the world of Internet commerce… and either already dominates or is a major player in critical digitization technologies like: artificial intelligence (machine learning), personal storage, online videos, self-driving car technology, and more.

Some investors in this company have more than doubled their money over the past five years… and the gains are likely to be extraordinary from here.

The fourth business you should own immediately is going to be ultimately responsible for taking our world of paper contracts, agreements, and other documents, and digitizing them.

Investors have made a fortune owning this business already, and Ron Paul thinks there’s much, much more to come. Ron Paul’s average annualized gain of all his recommendations in 2020 was 113.4%. And remember, this return measures the results achieved by all of his recommendations in 2020, scaled to a one-year period, which performed three times better than the annualized returns of the S&P 500 stock market index over the same period.

And here’s the best part…

Thanks in large part to the federal government’s actions in recent months… creating and borrowing trillions of new dollars… Ron Paul thinks that shares in these businesses are likely to continue soaring in the years to come.

Everything you need to know is in Ron Paul’s newest report, called: How to Invest in the Masters of Digital Currency.


#1 Investor Says: “America’s Tech Boom 2.0 Is Here”

Thanks to the rare convergence of three economic triggers, the clock is ticking down for a once in a lifetime wealth building opportunity.

Here’s how to play it.

STEP #3: Buy 2 Unknown Companies Revolutionizing the Digital Shift

Today, you still have the opportunity to get into some of the best small and little-known technology companies, before they become household names.

For example, you can make two investments right now and potentially see them turn into substantial gains over the next few years.

First, Ron Paul’s team recommends you buy into a small company that is a leader in one of the most important services for every business today: The protection, security, and backup of their data.

Now while this doesn’t sound like a very sexy business it is incredibly lucrative, and Ron Paul wants to show you how to own the company that is so good at this work, their product is used by the cloud computing division of the three biggest companies in this space: Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

In all this company has more than 26,000 customers in nearly every industry, including: financial services, health care, manufacturing, utilities, and even many government agencies.

Ron Paul’s analyst team believes this company will likely turn out to be an incredible investment in the years to come. The stock has been up as high as 25% in the past year and he thinks has much, much higher to go.

And Ron Paul strongly recommends you get in on this company right away – BEFORE the rest of the world catches on.

The other company his team has found is revolutionizing the way businesses are able to buy advertising space online. In the past year, the stock has shot up about 140%, and Ron Paul’s team believes there are even bigger gains ahead.

Everything you need to know is in Ron Pauls’s new report called: 2 Companies Revolutionizing the Digital Shift.

You can get all these reports for FREE, when you take a no-risk trial subscription to the top-rated technology research, called: The Stansberry Innovations Report.

What’s Included in This Offer?

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The clock is ticking on the biggest financial event in 20 years.

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Everything above ples:

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Stansberry Research’s 233-page book: The Battle for America (published in 2021). This volume details the current socialist platform now being enacted in America, why federal stimulus will only increase from here, and most importantly: What this all means for you and your money… and what you can do right now to prepare.

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You can get Stansberry Innovations Report for $49 per year (standart subscription) or for $79 if you choose premium subscription.

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No matter which option you choose, you’ll have the next 30 days to review everything you receive. If you are not happy for any reason, simply contact Stansberry’s customer service team at 1-888-261-2693, and you’ll receive a full refund.


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Closing Remarks on Ron Paul’s “Opt Out” of America Presentation

Today nearly every wealthy person I know is desperately seeking a way out of our highly regulated, public, and bankrupt global financial system.

These folks are getting rid of dollars and moving their money into other assets, including not only gold, but also digital “tokens” and digital currencies, like Bitcoin… and also America’s best “digital currency” equities.

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