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Jason Bond Picks Quarterly Subscriptions Closing Tonight

Jason Bond Picks
Jason Bond Picks

All good things must come to an end.

PROBLEM: due to insane demand for Jason Bond Picks, the quarterly subscriptions will no longer be offered from the website.

SOLUTION: as you know my regular fee is $399 quarterly, tonight it’ll jump to $1497 yearly.

YOUR DEAL: TONIGHT ONLY you can subscribe to Jason Bond Picks for $299 quarterly

After midnight this deal expires. Yearly will be the only option at $1497 for Jason Bond Picks.

And this is a good time to take that deal.

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I don’t want you to pay $399 quarterly for Jason Bond Picks.

And I don’t want you to have to pay $1497 yearly if you’re not ready to.

Both are great deals but you deserve a chance to get in lower.

Which is why I’m giving everyone the chance to snag $299 quarterly right now, grandfathered.

This deal ends at midnight.

I look forward to trading with you tomorrow. My watch list will be out premarket, real-time alerts from 7a – 8p et. Eat, sleep, trade! Don’t pay $1497. Don’t pay $399. $299 quarterly tonight only.

Jason Bond Picks UPDATE (2019) – FREE Training Session

I want to start this off by giving huge applause to my buddy, Jason Bond.

Not only did he have huge success in the last 3 months of last year trading small-cap stocks in the face of a crumbling stock market, but he has also started off 2019 better than anyone I know.

He is up over $60,000 in profits in the first few days of the year already! More than most people will make all year.

After making 2 alerts yesterday on UXIN and VERI, he is ready to cash them both in today for over 20% profits just overnight.

Go check them out yourself today. He is going to bank about $14,000 on each one of them today!

To celebrate today, he is offering a FREE TRAINING SESSIONon how he finds stocks like these, week after week.

There are just 3 simple patterns he uses over and over to do this and there is no reason you can’t be doing the same thing.

Sign up for the next session right now

It only takes about an hour, but it could be the best hour of your trading career. It’s all free, so what are you waiting for?!


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Now on to options trading today!…

After a pretty epic run from the massive sell-off we saw in December, today the market looks to be taking a little breather.

I hit 2 winners for over 100% last week on the way up, and now I am setting up to hit the move on the way back down.

I was preparing for this with my short positions on QQQ, AMZN and FIVE this week. I was a little early to the party, but things might start moving into my favor soon (I added to the QQQ puts near the end of the day yesterday if you see a bigger position in the live portfolio today).

The market doesn’t usually end a rally in one day and start heading lower. I will use the dip today to take some profits off the table and be in a good spot to get heavier into shorts on the next re-test of the latest highs for the market.

I am still bearish on the market right now. Nothing has really changed fundamentally from the start of the year, people have just been suddenly optimistic about buying stocks. I don’t know why, but it is probably a case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on the rally.

That’s not my jam, I never get FOMO. Suckers chase stocks. I’ve played that game and it doesn’t end well.

Keep taking those fast profits. There is a lot of opportunity in the market right now on the short side, don’t listen to anything they are telling you on TV.


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