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Andrew Keene’s Transform Your Life Summit

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Andrew Keene’s Trading System – The ability to identify the markets biggest moves.

It’s finally happened.

One man has discovered the “holy grail” of trading. The ability to identify the markets biggest moves – before they happen.

These mysterious moves occur during the first hour of trading – between 9:30 and 10:30am – nearly every day the markets are open.


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You could have massive overnight gains throughout this entire crisis.

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And they are triggered by the world’s wealthiest individuals, insiders trading on information that has yet to become public.

Think Warren Buffett… Bill Gates… Jeff Bezos-type money and you have an idea of the kind of cash behind these incredible moves.

Andrew Keene built an easy-to-use system to spot these moves in real time, and to trade them for 100%… 200%… even 500% in just a few days – sometimes hours.

It made him a multimillionaire… in just 1 hour a day, 4 days a week.

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And he wants to share it with you on November 21 at 1pm.

Andrew Keene AlphaShark

Transform Your Life Summit

The Transform Your Life Summit is almost here.

On November 21s,Andrew Keen is going to reveal something that could exponentially grow your net worth in under two years.

I’ll be honest with you. What he has uncovered isn’t really controversial.

But it does involve insiders trading.

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Face it. They’re all doing it and they are doing it all the time.

And they’re making tons of money doing it.

Instead of getting frustrated about it…

Keene discovered a simple way to take make A LOT of money making the same trades they do in real time.

Two years later he went from dead broke to $5 million all by following a simple rule.

1 hour a day, 4 days a week…50X

So what does it mean?

Andrew will explain how it all works by showing you exactly how he spotted a mysterious 14-second burst of activity in Weight Watchers one morning.

An hour later he pocketed a 128% gain. 60 minutes. That’s all it took.

ll because of an easy-to-spot pattern.

You’ll be shocked when he show it to you.


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Who is Andrew Keene?

Andrew Keene is President & CEO of AlphaShark Trading, which he originally founded as KeeneOnTheMarket.com in 2011. Previously, Andrew Keene worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He began his career in the prestigious Botta Capital ‘clerk-to-trade’ program, and would eventually co-found KATL Group.

Andrew currently actively trades futures, equity options currency pairs, and commodities. He is a regular guest market commentator on such networks as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business.

Keene’s first love will always be trading, but he is arguably even more well known for building a trading room. Andrew is especially proud of having taught his personal strategies to over 50,000 students over the past 4 years.

In 2015, Andrew began appearing as a regular guest on CNBC’s Trading Nation, where he focuses on educating viewers on equity options markets and the trading insights they provide. You can also find Andrew’s contributions at Nadex and Money Show.

Transform Your Life Summit

Read Full Andrew’s Keene 1450 Club Review Here

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