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The Secrets of the Supercycle Summit – Adam Baratta’s Investment Event

What if you could tell the future by understanding the past?

And what if you could use the past as a gauge to protect your wealth and profit as the future unfolds?

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These are the kinds of questions Adam Baratta will be answering on Wednesday, October 30, during The Secrets of the Supercycle Summit  – a presentation that everyone with a retirement account invested in the stock market must attend.

Because right now, every financial indicator points to one reality…

The economic supercycle of the past 90 years is about to end.


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For instance, the CAPE Shiller P/E Ratio (developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert J. Shiller) has been hovering around 29 times earnings.

The historical average is 17… and… high CAPE values have preceded market crashes. In fact, only three other times in history has this index shot above 25.

One of those times was 90 years ago, in 1929… when… as Mr. Shiller himself points out “major market drops followed those peaks.”

And the market havoc coming our way may pale in comparison to what happened in 1929 as the current economic supercycle comes to its inevitable end.

That’s why I encourage you not to miss Adam Baratta’s presentation on this topic.

Adam Baratta will outline the most crucial step anyone with a retirement account must take to avoid having their life savings greatly diminished or even wiped out. (I see at least a 50% drop in market values.)

Economist Robert Shiller isn’t the only one who sees the end of this supercycle.

Warren Buffett himself created an indicator comparing the market cap to GDP ratio. The historical average of the “Warren Buffett Indicator” is 90%.

In 1929, the indicator reached a historical high of 141%.

In June of 2019… exactly 90 years later… the indicator is hovering at 141% again.

This should send shivers up and down your spine.

Because two of the most prominent economic indicators are showing an identical similarity to the situation right before the Great Depression.

Every time this has happened, a massive crisis ensues.

And this time around it’s going to be worse… much worse!

When you attend Adam Baratta’s presentation , you’ll be armed with the knowledge to come out unscathed and even be able to take advantage of the situation.

Everyone else will be a the mercy of the crisis.


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