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Adam Baratta and Advantage Gold The Great Devaluation Event – Register Here

He wrote a best-selling financial book. In its pages, he made a jaw-dropping prediction that came true a year later. Those who listened positioned themselves to take advantage of gold’s stellar rally… while… protecting and growing their retirement accounts.

Now, he’s here to tell you that another shocking development will rock the markets.

As a result, one of two things will happen for you…

Either you will know what’s coming down the pike and make sure your retirement is both protected and positioned for growth…

Or you will pay a heavy price just like millions of unsuspecting Americans. Now, USA Today bestselling author Adam Baratta is revealing his biggest prediction yet.

Adam’s shocking prediction will be unveiled during an exclusive event in Brentwood, California, that is currently sold out.

However, we have secured our readers free access to a video stream of the event so you can watch the whole thing from the comfort of your home.

Adam Baratta’s FREE Webinar “The Great Devaluation” – Claim Your FREE Spot Here

If you have retirement funds invested in paper assets, brace yourself…

Adam will explain how right now, we’re in the middle of the biggest debt bubble the world has ever witnessed.

Just look at the undeniable facts:

  • Corporate debt — $900 billion. 
  • Student debt — $1.6 trillion.
  • National debt — over $22 trillion.
  • Total unfunded liabilities — $128 trillion.

To add insult to injury, in the next 12 months, a historic event will crush paper assets.

And, since 99% of investors have their retirement accounts tied to stocks, bonds, treasuries, etc., millions of Americans are about to lose trillions of dollars.

That’s why it’s critical you watch the video stream of his event titled: The Great Devaluation.

During this event, Adam will reveal the forces that are about to create a mad-panic on Wall Street like we’ve never seen before.

And how President Trump, with the swipe of his pen, could double the price of gold in 2020.

Anyone invested in a 401(k) or IRA could either be a “sitting duck”… or… by following the simple suggestions in his upcoming Free Webinar… could take advantage of the biggest move in gold we’ve ever seen.


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There is no time to waste here.

At any moment the Fed could initiate a devastating blow to America’s retirement accounts.

We urge you to… Sign up here for Adam’s exclusive Free Webinar now!

Adam Baratta’s FREE Webinar “The Great Devaluation” – Claim Your FREE Spot Here

Do not miss this! If you have a retirement account, this could be the most important event you ever attend. What Adam is about to reveal could unfold at any moment. But you can protect yourself and profit from what’s about to take place.