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There has been a massive Flash Crash in the markets… In just one week, the global market lost over $6 trillion and the Dow Jones alone lost 4,162 points. And now the market is just bouncing around.

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Flash Crash Fast Cash
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I know 99.99% of traders felt serious pain these last two weeks with the quickest Flash Crash since the Great Recession of 2008…

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Monday was a disastrous day for investors.

The S&P 500 fell a jaw-dropping 7.6%! And almost 2 weeks before that it fell just over 15%. This has quickly become the biggest Flash Crashes in history – research shows that the effects of it might rival 2008’s Great Recession.

Hold on, let’s backtrack a little. “What’s a Flash Crash?” you might be asking.

Almost every year, the market spirals down heavily creating mass hysteria. In the aftermath of the panic sells, an opportunity for explosive short-term trades shows up every time.

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